"Mallozzi has layered her subjects’ stories with an intimate, visually arresting style that, without heavy handedness, conveys the impermanence of life...Through the singularly magnetic presence of Bharvani, the film becomes a universal offering for how to live one’s life. " 
- Loren King, The Boston Globe

"Told limpidly and poetically by director Julie Mallozzi, with metaphorical montages combining images of passports, engravings of plants, and eerily beautiful X-rays, sonograms, and MRIs, this gently inspiring documentary suggests that, at least in Lalita's case, identity can transcend all change."
- Peter Keough, The Phoenix

"Indelible Lalita is a sensitive, arresting portrait of an Indian woman from Bombay who, living in Montreal, is self-exiled from her country, her culture, her family, and, ravaged by illness, is also an alien in her mind and body. So many obstacles, but Lalita fights valiantly to overcome them in Julie Mallozzi's deeply empathetic, quietly spiritual documentary."
- Gerald Peary, independent film critic

“A touching story about a woman’s struggle with identity, a reflection on ethnicity and femininity...powerful.”
- Anthony Brooks, Radio Boston, WBUR

"It is a healing story, for the filmmaker, the star, and the audience.  We are reminded that our ordinary lives are graced with remarkable beauty, love, and courage.  Mental health professionals and medical professionals will all benefit from the power of seeing a woman in her wholeness." 
- Carolyn Schuyler, LCSW  

"The poetic and moving documentary Indelible Lalita... beautifully portrays the life and experiences of Lalita Bharvani." 
- Kristen Lauerman, Imagine Magazine

"The new film is very different from her other documentary work, in the way it makes use of different types of footage and of intense close-ups. . . Much of the content alternates between ideas and images, rather than following a conventional story line.”
- Laura Levis, Harvard Magazine